MechDesigner: Software for the design and analysis of machines

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We have developed MechDesigner for the design and analysis of machines and products that have parts that move the way you want them to move; smoothly and with precision.

If you are developing or upgrading a machine or product that involves one or all of the following:

        ....then MechDesigner will quickly become a primary tool in your design process.

MechDesigner is used all over the world by:

  • Manufacturers of packaging, assembly and textile machines
  • Universities
  • Product designers




Did you know we are an approved SolidWorks Partner?

If you have SolidWorks, you can export Plate, Groove, Flat, Conjugate, Barrel, Globoidal Cams directly to SolidWorks.

And you can import SolidWorks Parts or STL Parts directly on to mechanism Parts in MechDesigner.