CAD/CAE Software for design and analysis of machines

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We have developed MechDesigner CAD Software to design machines so that you can make them move the way you want them to move: smoothly and precisely. With MechDesigner, it is easy to Design, then use the many tools to Analyze, Scrutinize and Optimize all of your machine's cams, mechanisms and motions; together, in one synchronized model, that you can even edit 'on-the-fly'.

If you are developing or upgrading a machine that involves one or all of the following:

  • Complex Motions -  Multi-axis motion design for even the most difficult applications.
  • Multiple interacting mechanisms - coordinated planar and spatial mechanisms for complex machines design requirements
  • Cams - Design and manufacture all cam types - Plate, Track, Conjugate, Barrel, Globoidal (Ferguson) - all integrated with mechanisms and motions
  • Servo-Motors - sizing of servomotor and gears
  • Gears
  • CAD - Import parts directly from SOLIDWORKS or other CAD

        ....then MechDesigner CAD Software will quickly become a primary tool in your design process. With MechDesigner, you can model complete machines that integrate all of the above, and more, into one simulation that you can cycle at realistic speeds or micro-step to really scrutinize every machine interaction, and even edit on-the-fly.

MechDesigner is used all over the world by:

  • OEMs: packaging, assembly and textile machines
  • Universities, Colleges, Schools
  • Product Designers, Consultants, Inventors

You can use MechDesigner independently of any other CAD to model everything you see on this website.

But, did you know we are also an approved SOLIDWORKS Partner?

In addition to saving cams in .txt and .dxf formats, you can export Plate, Groove, Flat, Conjugate, Barrel, Globoidal Cams directly to SOLIDWORKS.

You can use MechDesigner's Constraint Based Sketch Editor to model parts, or if you want parts with better design details, you can import SOLIDWORKS parts, or .STL Parts.