13.2.312 Is ready for download

  • STEP output files for cams and scrolls
Motion controllable dimensions

  • Taper rollers in for 3D Cams
  • Face Lift ( dark and Light styles )

  1. All cam types inlcuding 3D cam and feed-scres now create a Step output file.  MOst CAD software support step type files.
  2. Geometric dimensions can now be controlled dynamically by a user defined motion.  This is primarily designed for change cam roller diameters during dwells so that the follower system can be locked by a separate mechanim.
  3. Its also useful for modelling products that change shape as a function of machine angle for example fluids emerging from a nozzle.
  4. Users can now benefit from two User Interface Styles ; ligh and Dark.  The Dark style can reduce eye strain in low light condidtions.  Color templates have been provided for both styles