MechDesigner 10: New Release

MechDesigner 10

See YouTube to see how to use each new feature:

The important new features are:

  • Equations:
    • Enter an equation in any dialog
    • For Example: 3/25.4, 1.234+pi, Sin((3*pi/4)....(all trig in radians)
  • Maths Function-Block:
    • Any number of input variables from other FBs
    • You can enter the equation for each motion derivatives at each output
    • Maths Calculator includes:
      • Trig : sine, cosine, tan, asine, acos, atan2, sinh, cosh, tanh,
      • Radians to degrees converter.
      • Limit functions : min, max...
    • Any number of outputs
  • Statistics Function-Block
    • Find the important statistics of any variable
    • If you can plot the variable with a Graph FB, then you can find its 'Stats'
    • Min, Max, Standard Deviation, RMS...
  • 'Instant' Kinematics and Force Properties
    • CTRL + Click any element (object) that varies, you will see all of the important variables
    • Elements, include point, line, a FB 'wire', Joints
    • All motion derivatives, Torque, Force
  • Point-Data FB with Magnitude Output Connector
    • Now you can plot the values you see with the Point Vectors
  • Spring FB
    • 'Friction',
    • Damping
    • Drag proportional to Velocity Squared.
    • 'Force Table' via an input-connector.
  • Design Sets with parameters - not just dimensions
    • For example, Gearing Ratio in the Gearing FB.
  • All new Dialogs - easier for non-English and international users.
  • Removed limit to 'Number-of-Frames' in Movie Maker.
  • Easy access 'Change Dyad Closure' tool in Mechanism Local Toolbar.

Known Bug: Do not add Auto-Profiles and then remove Auto-Profiles! All joints , are removed! This in turn removes related elements - for example, Motion-Dimension FB, Gear-Pairs, etc,etc. It is best not to use Auto-Profiles until this is fixed.