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Features in MechDesigner Lite, Standard and Professional



Multi-Axis Motion Design - many Standard Motion Laws+ Unique PSMotion  Motion-Laws
2D Kinematics, Planar Mechanisms, RRR, RRP, RPP, PRP, RPR
Multi-Plane Kinematics 1 1
Instant Display of Kinematic Data as Vectors
Trace Points - Coupler Curves, Point Loci
Measurement of Kinematic Data
Graphs: 4 simultaneous inputs against any kinematic input
'Instant Replay', or 'Jog' of mechanism motion
2D Sketch Constraint Editor 2 2 2
Import DXF
Design Sets 3
Solid Extrusions for simple 3D Modeling
2D Cams - Independent Variable Position
2D Cams - Plate, Groove 4
Gear-Pairs: Simple, Compound, Planetary, Epicyclic, Differential
Conversion of 2D DXF to 3D Solids
2D Instant Forces
Springs: Constant Force, 'Coulomb,', Damping, Drag Force 
Spatial Kinematics  - SSR, SSP Dyads. Ram-R, Ram-P Dyads
3D Cams - Barrel and Globoidal (Roller Gear Drive / Ferguson)
Import 3D Solid STL files from CAD
Interface with SOLIDWORKS to import 3D CAD Parts
Reference Geometry between Mechanisms
Export Cam Coordinates to SOLIDWORKS
Reverse Engineer Cams for Refurbishing Machines
Pattern Tool - Tool to model Tools and Packaging Transfers
Import Camlinks .mec files
Network Installation
Motion-Path FB - Follow  a Motion-Path along a sketch, Robotic Motion as sketch
Ram-R and Ram-P Motion Dyads
Blend-Curve Sketch-Elements 2 2 2

Spline Sketch-Elements - in-side MD-Pro

Import Sketch from SOLIDWORKS - including Splines
Equations in data boxes
Math FB for your own motion functions
Statistics FB to find the key facts of a Graph or Parameters
Feed-screws / Scrolls for Bottle/Pack Feed
Coming Soon Export Data Format Options: Servo Data, G-Code...

1: You can add any number of planes and build mechanisms on them. However, in MechDesigner Lite and Standard, you cannot add spatial mechanisms that need more than one plane.

2: This is full constraint based sketch editor, Blend-Curve only in Professional

3: You are limited to 3 Design Sets in MechDesigner Standard

4: You cannot export Cam Data to SolidWorks with MechDesigner Standard