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MD Pro Release 14 is ready for download

MechDesigner MDPro 14 is now ready for download.
New Features Include:

  • Bevel Gears
  • Force Analysis of Conjugate Cams
  • More language support
  • Bi-Arc cam data output

Motion Design - about Jerk

If you Google ‘Motion Design’, the hits are all related to the graphics industry. 

As you might suspect, 'Motion Design for Packaging Machines' is very different to 'Motion Design for Graphic Designers'.

This series of blogs discusses why motion design for machines is different.

It is fair to say that machine components move and have mass. If anything has mass, and you want to move it, then its motion design is critical to how the machine component will actually move in the machine. Read more »

MechDesigner: The Business Case

We believe MechDesigner wins hands down when you want to design and optimize a new machine that has a number of interacting mechanisms that operate in 3D and have complex motion requirements.  So what is the Business Case? Read more »

Motion Design for Packaging Machinery

Motion Design for packaging machines has been around for as long as...well.. Read more »

Why Buy MechDesigner?

Increase the Speed AND Performance of New and Existing Machines

The Engineers at PSMotion have been using MechDesigner for a number of years to improve the performance of existing machines.  We believe that MechDesigner is the best machine design software that gives you all the design, simulation and analysis tools you will need to get the best possible machine design, and greener machines. Read more »

Camlinks Users: Want to open Camlinks files? Read on...

Camlinks files can now be imported directly in to MechDesigner, complete with DXF outline files.  The motions and all the kinematics is recreated exactly as per the old Camlinks program.

MechDesigner is Now Released

MechDesigner has been released at last.  It has taken a while to get to where we are but now it is available for download.  Try it now. It has all the software features that are needed for packaging machine design engineer.

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