Pantograph Robot

MechDesigner let's you start with Motion...

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Machine Design Software for Packaging Machines starts with the packaging or the tooling motion. In this case we want to trace out a motion that spells the letters 'MD'! The X and Y motions are designed for the letters - see images to the right.

The motions are attached to horizontal slider, and a vertical slider that rides - gantry style - on the top of the first.  The "gantry robot" then traces out the letters MD.

Motion Design for 2D Motion Path -X-axis Motion Design for 2D Motion Path - Y axis

Building the mechanism linkage

...then add the Mechanism

We want a high speed planar robot to draw the letters.  We add and join the four parts to make the pantograph mechanism. Because the parts are attached to the gantry sliders, MechDesigner automatically calculates the motor motion profiles required to "draw" the letters 'MD'.

..then improve the design

Change link lengths, motion parameters... until you are satisfied you have reached an optimum

Kinematic design of  Pantograph Robot with inverse kinematics
Adding 3D Model - with mass, inertia


Generate cam profiles, servo motor profiles to implement you motion design. 

In Summary...

Motion Design, mechanism design and kinematic optimization, detail, generate data to make it happen.

Solid Model with Kinematics