MechDesigner: The Business Case

We believe MechDesigner wins hands down when you want to design and optimize a new machine that has a number of interacting mechanisms that operate in 3D and have complex motion requirements.  So what is the Business Case?

You design machines that move?

So why do you use software that gives you an add-in, as an afterthought, some capabilities of Motion Design?

Remember when your PLC didn't do Motion Control?  They were configured mainly for I/O.  Then along came Servo Controllers.  They were configured for Motion Control - the motion design was fairly limited too in the early days.  You had to communicate your critical data by connecting the PLC and Servo-Controller.

In time, PLCs added more Motion Control and Servo Controllers added more I/O capabilities.  However, they were never that good at either.

That's exactly what the likes of SolidWorks has done - it has added Motion as an afterthought - well it seems that way to me.  The guys at SolidWorks do not think of machines in the same way as the guys at PSMotion.  We think 'Motion', then how is it going to be delivered.  The 'Motion' becomes our specification if you like.

MechDesigner is different because right from the start it asks you consider the motion of the packaging, product and package and how the tooling is going to move and interact with them.  Your starting point is the machine functional requirements and the motions needed of the tooling to deliver them.

MechDesigner brings 3D machine and motion modeling to the hands every engineer.   Your engineers will be able to complete 3D designs with complete motion modeling of every linkage and mechanism with a speed and simplicity never before seen. Your engineers will be able to complete complex mechanism designs without knowing they are kinematic experts.

MechDesigner: 3D Machine, Mechanism and Motion Modeling and Engineering to win you bids and contracts.  Show your customers options - with motions - when or even before you bid. You can show your (potential) customer not just what the concept looks like, but how it work.

MechDesigner: is the fastest to use and the fastest to animate machine design software for the packaging and assembly machine designer.

MotionDesigner is fully integrated with MechDesigner. Motions can be developed that meet EVERY packaging machine design requirement.


MechDesigner in the Machine Design and Build Process