Why Buy MechDesigner?

Increase the Speed AND Performance of New and Existing Machines

The Engineers at PSMotion have been using MechDesigner for a number of years to improve the performance of existing machines.  We believe that MechDesigner is the best machine design software that gives you all the design, simulation and analysis tools you will need to get the best possible machine design, and greener machines.

MechDesigner can help you in many ways to improve the performance of existing machines or to deliver greater performance of your new machines. 

Firstly, you can design all your interacting mechanisms using MechDesigner in one environment and view all of the mechanisms and tooling together - with a press of a button.  This lets you balance the requirements of one mechanism against another. This alone will often help you increase the machine speed because you get a good feel of what actions are the most difficult<.  After all, MechDesigner simulates your machine at faster than animation speeds.

When you have completed your first shot machine design, you can then optimize your design using the data made available to you.

You can monitor forces and torque that are required to achieve a desired machine speed and then begin the process of reducing these by improving or optimizing the:

  • Motion Design - see Motion Design Blog
  • Mechanism Configuration: link lengths, crank lengths, shaft or slide-way positions,  etc
  • Gearing - minimize torque the motor must deliver
  • Cam and Follower - pressure angle, radius of curvature
  • Any Kinematic data: position, velocity, acceleration, bearing forces, motor torques of any part and point in your machine.

Optimize your machine's motions as a whole - not in isolation from each other.

Very often, motion design is completed in isolation of other machine mechanisms resulting in sub optimal designs.

MechDesigner allows you to review all machine motions and identify the key motion design constraints that must be satisfied between motions.  By designing your motions as set, you will find that you can free other constraints.  Believe us, once you have designed your machine's motions as a whole, you will find many opportunities to reduce velocities, accelerations and generally improve the machine timing. No more motion planning in isolation.and so greatly reduce acceleration and hence motor torque or cam stresses

For Example: Pick up and release product on-the-fly

Example Motion Design.An eagle catches a fish with immense skill.  It is difficult because the fish is moving toward the eagle at speed.  The eagle must move its legs so that its talons achieve low velocity relative to the fish giving the eagle time to make the grab.

On high speed machines, sometime tooling needs to do the same to effect a transfer between a moving gripper say and a stationary product.  With MechDesigner, you can design the motion of the output tooling to match any required motion criteria, for example constant velocity, short dwells.  MechDesigner will calculate all the motion parameters needed for either a cam profile or servo motion to achieve the motion at the end-effector.  Often a complicated mechanism may have been selected because it generates the correct path for the transfer.  No matter how complex this mechanism, MechDesigner will take it all back to the cam/ motor


Reduce Impact Velocities between the Tooling and Product or packaging.

MechDesigner allows (actually, it prefers) you to design your motions at the machine's tooling that interfaces with the packaging or product. The servo-motor or cam-motion is worked out for you, irrespective of how complex the mechanism needs to be, so you do not need to worry about that. This allows you to not only get the timing exactly spot-on, you can also consider other kinematic data.  For Example, impact velocities between the tooling and product or packaging at transit points.


Reduce Vibration by better Motion Design

Often, a particular mechanism's speed may be limited by dynamic effects such as vibration.  MotionDesigner has special motion segment types that are designed specifically to reduce vibration.  In essence, MotionDesigner has segment types that allow the designer to design a motion that does not excite vibrations needlessly.  Thus the vibration prone mechanism will run at higher speed and still control the pack / product with the desired precision.