MechDesigner R12 - Download Now

MechDesigner R12

New Features include:

  • Export all Motion Files to Excel as Timing Diagrams. You will find an excel file in your installation path. Use it to import the file saved from MechDesigner and display all of the machine motions as positions graphs, above each other. 
  • Export Graph [Plot], of Servo Axis for example, as a series of Polynomials for import into servo-controllers.
  • Download Tutorials directly with 'Help menu
  • Motion updated to give Blend-Point and Segment Editors.

Download it from your account and install it alongside Release 11. You can use one or the other.



MotionDesigner has been revamped and has a slightly different user interface.   There are some tutorials which you can view to help you get up to speed with two new dialogs:  the Segment editor, and the Blend-Point ( node ) editor.   Select “tutorials” under the “help” menu button in the application and you will see a menu of currently available tutorials.  There is the on-line help as well, of course.

Help Download

You must download the help file ( under the “help” drop-down menu ) to get context sensitive help using the "F1" key.

Polynomial Fitting

There is a new Function block POLFIT.  This converts any measured motion into a series of polynomial segments.  These can then be used to specify motions in servomotor controllers.  We have developed an interface for the ELAU EPAS4 software.  So now you can specify a motion at the output of your mechanism and MD Pro R12 will calculate the poly5 coefficients at the motor axis.  If you want conversions for your controller type let us know and we will try and include it in the next release.

SOLIDWORKS Interface files download

If you have SOLIDWORKS then the correct type library will automatically download and install when you first run MD Pro.  You can run MD Pro with multiple releases of SOLIDWORKS.

Speed Improvements

We have done much work developing the internal workings to improve speed by taking advantage of modern multicore CPUs.  Now, if you have multi-mechanism models and a multi-core processor you should see improvements in simulation speeds.  There should be less jerkiness in animations when running large models with solids.


There lots of improvements and bug fixes.  If you have any problems please do hesitate to contact us.

All the best for the new year and enjoy using MD Pro from