New MechDesigner Release: Build V4.1 - Major

We have now added ball joints to the recipe of available joints for modeling mechanisms.  You can now model spatial linkages with full inverse kinematics. 

The spatial links now available allow you to link two planar mechanisms together.  The Motion may be defined in one planar mechanism with the servo motor or cam defined in another.

The features listed in full:

  • Spatial Mechanisms
    • Ball Joints can join two points in different mechanisms
    • SSR and SSP dyads have been added to the high speed kinematic set.
  • Cam-Track - now with Contact Pressure Angle.
    • Pressure angle is available for rolling followers
    • Contact Pressure angle is now available for use with non-rolling cam followers
  • Force Output
    • Force Output function block now provides outputs for Joints, Cams and Cylinders
  • Added Selection Filters  Function-Blocks and Joints
    • You can now filter your selection sets to include joints and function blocks
  • Display Filters - DXF Points hide
    • DXF points can be optionally hidden
  • Application Settings - more options have been added for spatial link definitions
    • More options have been added for spatial link definitions
  • DXF Layer Editor
    • You can now change layer colors
  • DXF Element - scaling for imported files
    • It is now possible to scale you DXF import files to reflect the units used to create them
  • Lock Point and Specify points
    • You can now lock points.  When locked the cannot be moved by constraints, only by the point editor.
  • Lock DXF Points
    •  Points can be optionally locked when imported from DXF files
  • Camlinks Points automatically locked
    • Camlinks import points are automatically locked to prevent the sketch solver inadvertently moving them when partially constrained.
  • MotionDesigner New Segments
    • Inverse Sine Motion Segment
      • Motion law that drives rockers that make sliders produce constant velocity motion through a mechanism
    • Raw Data Motion Segment
      • Allows the import of Raw Data without node scaling.
  • DXF File Output of Cam-Follower Pitch Line