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MechDesigner MDPro 14 is now ready for download.
New Features Include:

  • Bevel Gears
  • Force Analysis of Conjugate Cams
  • More language support
  • Bi-Arc cam data output
  • STEP output files for cams and scrolls
Motion controllable dimensions

  • Taper rollers in for 3D Cams
  • Face Lift ( dark and Light styles )

Mechdesigner splash

MechDesigner R12

New Features include:

New features

  1. Design feed-screws to control and orientate bottles and packs into machines
  2. Feed-Screw geometry can be transferred directly into SOLIDWORKS
  3. Splines are now supported with full functionality to design motion paths, cam followers, solids, etc
  4. Improved Solid Drawing
  5. SOLIDWORKS sketch items can be directly imported
  6. Numerous improvements to the User Interface
Feed-Screw design now possible in MechDesigner Release 11

MechDesigner 10

See YouTube to see how to use each new feature:

The important new features are:

We have been busy making four mechanism synthesis techniques available for you to look at on our help website.

These techniques are quite powerful. You can use them to get you going with some designs. They are all four-bar mechanisms which make them simple from a MechDesigner viewpoint. However, you can use one mechanism to drive other mechanisms. For example, a straight line mechanism can be used to drive a Slider in another Mechanism.

MechDesigner 8

Motion Path FB and RobotA Fantastic New feature : Motion Paths with Full Kinematic Capabilities

… define a path (open or closed) with lines and arcs, as well as a 'Smooth Blend-Curve' for a Point to move along, and use MotionDesigner to specify the motion along the path.

The Blend-Curve keeps continuity with curvature and rate of change of curvature. This is very important for the dynamic response of Robots etc.

You can edit the Motion Path FB to distribute any number of Points along the Path, for example to give all the lugs on a Belt or Chain.

The Points on the Path are full, kinematic-elements

MechDesigner 7 is now available for download. We have added a new tool which we call 'Patterning'.

Example Barrel CamsIn MechDesigner 6, we have turned our attention to those machine builders that need to refurbish old machines, especially those that need to reverse engineer cam driven machines.

We have added two new tools that help you reverse engineer cams from original drawings or Cam Coordinate Data: the Add Point-Cloud and Add Magnetic-Joint tools.

Point-Cloud Tool and Magnetic Joint Tool

We have a new release available for download - just sign in and visit your 'File Downloads'.

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