Mechanism Patterning now available in MechDesigner 7.1

MechDesigner 7 is now available for download. We have added a new tool which we call 'Patterning'.

Race-Track-Indexing-Pattern Tool - MechDesigner SoftwarePatterning is very powerful - even I am impressed and sometimes surprised at how powerful it is.  With the Patterning tool, you can model one 'head' of a machine, and use the Pattern tool to simulate all the heads. It is different to Patterns you find in CAD though. In MechDesigner, you can edit the visibility of the 'Heads' so that Packaging can be switched on and off for different phases of the Machine Cycle. Therefore you can edit a Solid not only in 'space', but also in 'time'.

This helps you model Packaging pass through the machine to give more realistic simulations. 

Before this tool, you needed to model the same tool or package many times - very time consuming and resource hungry on MechDesigner.

Also, we have changed the symbols for the Blend-Points in MotionDesigner.