MechDesigner 6: New Features

Example Barrel CamsIn MechDesigner 6, we have turned our attention to those machine builders that need to refurbish old machines, especially those that need to reverse engineer cam driven machines.

We have added two new tools that help you reverse engineer cams from original drawings or Cam Coordinate Data: the Add Point-Cloud and Add Magnetic-Joint tools.

Point-Cloud Tool and Magnetic Joint Tool

Use the Point-Cloud tool to import coordinate data of a Cam on to a Part in a MechDesigner model. That bit is easy!

You can also use the Point-Cloud tool to fit a new continuous curve to the imported data. We provide a simple 'higher, lower' spin-box tool and a traffic light system that lets you know the new curve is a good fit.  Once the curve is a good fit, you can use it to generate the motion for a Cam-Follower.

Magnetic Joint Tool

Use the Magnetic-Joint tool to generate the motion of a Cam-Follower from the curve generated by the Point-Cloud tool.

From the Cam-Follower motion generated by the Magnetic-Joint tool, you can decide whether it meets the machine design design requirements or whether it can be improved. It is a simple matter to use the cam-follower motion generated by the Magnetic-Joint tool as the 'format' for a new, improved, motion.

You can also use the Magnetic-Joint tool to follow the shape of a Cam as a drawing. In this case you would either recreate the shape with the MechDesigner sketch editor tool, or import the shape as a DXF from other CAD.

Of course you can draw your own shapes that you believe satisfy your machine motion needs. You might be surprised at how poor the cam follower motion can be even from 'smooth' shapes.