MechDesigner 8 - Available 10 Nov 2014

MechDesigner 8

Motion Path FB and RobotA Fantastic New feature : Motion Paths with Full Kinematic Capabilities

… define a path (open or closed) with lines and arcs, as well as a 'Smooth Blend-Curve' for a Point to move along, and use MotionDesigner to specify the motion along the path.

The Blend-Curve keeps continuity with curvature and rate of change of curvature. This is very important for the dynamic response of Robots etc.

You can edit the Motion Path FB to distribute any number of Points along the Path, for example to give all the lugs on a Belt or Chain.

The Points on the Path are full, kinematic-elements

  1. You can find the position, velocity and acceleration, of the Point throughout the machine cycle
  2. You can join up Parts to the Points on the Path to design all sorts of new mechanisms.

We believe this element significantly increases the power of MechDesigner.