MechDesigner Professional 5.112: New Release

We have a new release available for download - just sign in and visit your 'File Downloads'.

What's New?

  1. SolidWorks Import
    Simple: edit the CAD-Line (was called the LineDXF, but it has been renamed to reflect that you can import DXF, SolidWorks Parts and STL files)
    Also you can import the Mass Properties from the SolidWorks directly, or enter your own mass and inertia.
  2. Improved Part sketch editor.
    This is far more stable than it was.  A big improvement.
  3. Language database edit now available.
    From the Help menu, just click Edit Language Database.  The language is saved 'locally', but you can share it with others in the company.
    Just a quick hint - if you use this feature, you may need to scroll down before you see the translations appropriate to the menus and the hints.You can also search for certain text you find you want to improve the translation of.
  4. Much Faster Solid Graphics and animations
    The Solid Modeling is faster than it was.
  5. Improved forces display
    Forces are now instantly displayed without worrying about using the buttons in the correct order.
  6. Upgraded 3D cam user interface and algorithm
    Calculating and Exporting 3D Cams to SolidWorks is more robust than it was,
  7. Upgraded 2D Cam user interface
    The calculation of arcs with chord error isimproved.
  8. Memo
    Right-click the Model or Mechanism Tab and you will see the option to enter a memo.
  9. Many bug fixes
    For example, using the Measurement FB, export to Excel, Gear Skipping...
  10. Many improvements to the dialogs

There are some changes to the

Please refer to the email sent to you for the new procedures for 'Check for Updates', 'Download Latest Help Files', 'Download Type Libraries for SolidWorks'.  All of these options are in the Internet menu, form the main menu bar.

Contact us if anything needs further explanations.