New MechDesigner Release: Build V4.18

OLD RELEASE - 01/2013

No new features have been added in this build, but we have added some examples for you to look at. Download it now from 'your account'.

Quite a few bugs have been corrected and we would recommend that you upgrade to this code.

This build includes the following bug fixes:

Summary of Bug fixes for new build 4.18
1 Edit point Lock and specify command does not cancel Fixed
2 Edit Dim-Motion Cancel does not work Fixed
3 Add Plane Needed a mechanism before a plane could be added Fixed
4 Edit DXF Cancel not implements Fixed
5 Edit Machine Settings No Cancel implemented on number of steps Fixed
6 Edit Graph settings No Cancel implemented at all // still does not undo/redo Fixed
7 Edit Point Output Redo / undo cancel not working Fixed
8 Application Settings Cancel did not work on Hole Color Fixed
9 Cam Output Dialog Cams show as interfering if only one cam selected Fixed
10 Cam Output Dialog Improved Chordal error solver code - more robust Fixed
11 Edit Model Crash on cancel from edit model after opening mechanism Fixed
12 Graphs Added pan buttons to scroll through expanded data Fixed
13 Measurement Dimension Angular Line to line measurement not calculating velocity and acceleration.Caused problems with continuity. Fixed
14 SSR Joint : Ball offset

Ball offset change caused rod to detach from ball.  Very worrying.

Wrong point reference in the rod draw method

15 Implicit add joint adding a part using implicit joint addition to a point already containing a joint.  add Joint failed to complete and joint was not added Fixed
16 Cam Contact Points Not moving with cam.  Dual reference . Fixed
17 Reference geometry Fails to work with majority of constraints.  Fixed
18 Dragging Fails to add to undo list.  Drag command always cancelling. Fixed
19 Commands delete elements

Some commands arbitrarily delete model elements on cancel.

Error in command cancel method