New MechDesigner Release: V3.1 - Major

For those customers that have already bought Release 2 with Support please update to Release 3 - Beta Forces included.  [Reminder, if you already have an installation then you only need to download and install the 'Update' file].

The main emphasis of Release 3 is to add the Forces and Torques module.   We are pleased with the results so far, but of course you are the ones who will decide that.

Release 3 includes:

  • BETA Forces Module.
  • Bug fixes for various dialogs.
  • Loading and Saving DXF Drawings  has been improved.
  • Motion Polynomial 3-4-5 bug fix.
  • Motion Flexible Polynomial control much improved to make it very much easier to use
  • much more...

So please update your copy of MechDesigner - we think you will be very pleased with the results.