News: New Releases

New improvements to the code have been made...

We have now added ball joints to the recipe of available joints for modeling mechanisms.  You can now model spatial linkages with full inverse kinematics. 

The spatial links now available allow you to link two planar mechanisms together.  The Motion may be defined in one planar mechanism with the servo motor or cam defined in another.

MechDesigner 7.2: Import saved Library files on to your existing model.

A new capability of MechDesigner is now available.

If you have a model you will use many times - for example a Barrel Cam where you intend to use it many times in a machine - then you can import it on to a Plane in your working model.

You must save the model as a .lxl (library xml) file, in the File | Save As... dialog box. Then you can use the Open Library File at any time in the future.

OLD RELEASE - 01/2013

No new features have been added in this build, but we have added some examples for you to look at. Download it now from 'your account'.

MechDesigner Release 3 Build 7 is now available for download.

There have been many improvements. The most significant ones are listed below:

New Cam Output feature with

For those customers that have already bought Release 2 with Support please update to Release 3 - Beta Forces included.  [Reminder, if you already have an installation then you only need to download and install the 'Update' file].

The main emphasis of Release 3 is to add the Forces and Torques module.   We are pleased with the results so far, but of course you are the ones who will decide that.

Release 3 includes:

Three new videos on YouTube - just open YouTube and search for MechDesigner.  Any requests, then please email us.

Take a look at our Blog Post - I will add to it, every week.

Do you have Camlinks files that you still use on an old PC.  Why not take the plunge and buy MechDesigner Professional and import all the important files.  Virtually all of the functionality is available in MechDesigner (Auto-Adjust is not available).

Camlinks files can now be imported directly in to MechDesigner, complete with DXF outline files.  The motions and all the kinematics is recreated exactly as per the old Camlinks program.

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