Rotary Labelling Machine

Rotary Labelling Machine: Transfer of LabelRotary Labeling Machine                Download Example

Rotary Labeling Machines must run as fast as any machine in the production line so as to not to limit the production speed. One of the difficult tasks is to extract the label from the label magazine without scuffing the label. It is important to ensure the tool rolls along the label.

Stationary cams rotate the tools that pick the label from the magazine and also apply it to a bottle.  Here, because the tool rotates a very large angle, the cam-follower motion is transmitted to the tools with gear segments. a Small cam-follower movement produces a large tool movement.

Rolling Transfer to extract label from magazine.Trace Points

Trace points show the locus of a point along the Mechanism for a full machine cycle.

Here, Trace Points (Coupler Curves) are used to confirm that the motion of the tool rolls along the label in the magazine.

You can add as many trace-points as you want to any part in the simulation.

They are a powerful tool and give incite of the over all motion of parts.


Cams in Rotary Labelling Machine ready for ManufactureCam Coordinates

When the simulation is complete, you can produce the cams. The cams can be very large for some machines. In MechDesigner, you can specify as many points as you need, say 200000 points. You can also produce the points as arcs.