Model Downloads

Download the following MechDesigner Example Models:-

These are zxl files or Zipped MechDesigner Files

They contain:

  • cxl file   - basic MechDesigner Model File
  • .mtd file - basic MotionDesigner Motion File
  • .stl files -  STL Files
  • .sldprt/sldasm - SolidWorks Part and Assembly Files

After you download a model:

  1. Run MechDesigner
  2. Select 'File menu > Open'
  3. Browse, select and click 'open'
  4. Select a directory into which the files will extract
  5. Wait until the file is open.
  6. You may need to click the screen AFTER the file is open. The model may take some time to open.
  7. To show 'Solids, click the Model tab.[Alos use Tools menu > Show Model in Mechanism']