Download and Installation FAQs

Answers to your Download and Installation questions.

Request a Download License

Please contact us with our web-form if you want to Download and Try the 'Trial Version' of MechDesigner.

We will normally set you up with an account with a unique name and password. If you have already registered, please let us know. We will then make available the download in your account.

We will:

  • if necessary, create an account for you
  • email you the details for you to login and download the installation file

If we tell you to download, but:

  • you cannot see the File Downloads tab, as expected,
  • you can see the File Downloads, but cannot see the zip file,
  • you can see the File Downloads tab, and the zip file, but you cannot download it...

...then please contact us again to let us know.

How to download?

After you request a trial, we will give you a username and password for an account on our website. After you login, you can download MechDesigner from 'File Downloads'.  When you download, you may be prompted by Windows® or any other antivirus application to confirm the download and execution of the file. Click "YES".

Install packages that you download on Internet may contain viruses. However your security is our priority and all our files are periodically tested against all known viruses. Also, if you have an Antivirus software installed, the file will be automatically checked before it is launched.

When downloaded, launch the installation and follow the procedure.


The Trial or Professional Single User (also called Stand-alone) installations are not difficult, but if you need to know more, see these links:

The Network Installation is more difficult. You will need to review the instruction here:

Other Important Links

  • Complete MechDesigner Help - on-line
  • SolidWorks: How do I connect MechDesigner with SolidWorks? See the Section called 'Type Libraries'.
  • Local Help - the MechDesigner.chm file. This is the help you see when you use the F1 key while using MechDesigner. Download and copy to C:\ProgramData\PSMotion\MechDesigner. NB This is NOT the installation directory. MechDesigner.chm is approximately 200MB.
  • MechDesigner Book as eBook - Please request the latest.
  • MechDesigner Book for iPad - coming soon.
  • MechDesigner Book as PDF - Please request the most recent release if you wish to print. It is approximately 900 pages.